Notice from the Electoral Office of St. Kitts and Nevis

The General Public is asked to note the following:

Persons renewing their expired National Identification Cards are advised that renewals are done immediately at our offices in St Kitts and in Nevis. There is no waiting period.

There are some National Identification Cards that are being stored at the Electoral Office for persons who had registered and were activated but have not collected their cards. Such persons are asked to visit the Offices in St. Kitts and in Nevis to collect them. Persons are asked to bring the receipt that was issued at the time of registration in order to facilitate this process. If someone else is being asked to retrieve the card, that person must present the receipt and government-issued picture identification of themselves in order to receive the card.

Finally, persons on St Kitts who had indicated an interest in working during the next General Election are invited to a short meeting at NEMA, on Tuesday 5th November at 4′.15 pm. All are asked to be on time.

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