NRP Candidate Mrs. Cleone Stapleton Simmonds wins Nevis 5 by-election

NIA CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (March 05, 2020) — Mrs. Cleone Stapleton Simmonds of the Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) whose symbol was the bottle emerged winner in the St. Thomas’ Parish, Lowlands Nevis 5 by-election held on March 05, 2020. The results were announced by Mr. Elvin Bailey, Supervisor of Elections from the Cotton Ground Police Station where the ballots were counted 3 1/2 hours following the close of poll at 6 p.m.

Mrs. Stapleton Simmonds amassed a total of 514 votes over Mr. Keith Scarborough whose symbol was the hammer, candidate of the Concerned Citizens Movement who got a total of 191 votes.

A total of 713 persons cast their ballots which represented a 46.5 percent voter turnout.

There was a total of five polling stations – the Cotton Ground Community Centre 5(1) which was assigned a total of 585 voters. The centre was subdivided in two sections – 5(1A) with 285 votes and 5(1B) with the remaining 294 voters.

In Polling Station 5 (1A) Mrs. Stapleton Simmonds won 113 votes while Mr. Scarborough got 34. At Polling Station 5(1B) 83 and 41 votes respectively.

There were no spoilt ballots. There was a total of 5 rejected ballots.

In the Jessups Community Centre – Nevis 5(2) a total of 658 voters were assigned. It was subdivided into two sections: Nevis 5(2A) with 330, and Nevis 5(2B) with 328 voters assigned.

In Polling Station Nevis 5 (2A) Mrs. Stapleton Simmonds won 119 votes and Mr. Scarborough 42, and in Nevis 5(2B) 119 and 38 respectively.

There were no spoilt ballots. There was a total of 2 rejected ballots.

For the Nevis Performing Arts Centre (NEPAC) – Nevis 5(3) a total of 296 voters were assigned. Mrs. Stapleton Simmonds won 80 votes and Mr. Scarborough won 36.

There were no spoilt ballots. There was one rejected ballot.

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