NRP Reveals Visionary Plans

By:Deli Caines
The Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) continues with their policy of “Empowerment” as they release their two newest programs: Rent to Own Properties and Removal of the Environmental Levy.

Leader of the NRP, The Hon. Joseph Parry said the Rent to own concept is a program that he is very proud of as according to him, “this “visionary plan” would give people the opportunity to have property ownership despite not having a large sum of money to make a down payment or good enough credit to go to the bank.”

The Rent to Own plan would allow persons to make monthly payments towards the full payment of the house while paying rental installments. Once the payments have reached the total of the house the property is yours to sell, rent out or keep as your investment.

“The NRP party has always been the party of empowerment and we have made land ownership and affordable housing available in our previous administrations. Today, we have found another avenue to make home ownership a reality with the Rent to own program that would go into immediate effect once the NRP takes the reins of government,” commented Parry.

Removal of Environmental Levy

Another plan revealed is the Removal of the Environmental Levy, which presently makes second hand importation of cars more expensive to purchase as new cars are not due to pay this tax. In taking off the levy more people would be enabled to get a low cost vehicle without the $5000 tax fee.

According to Parry, The NRP wishes to assist young people starting out and low-income families who need a vehicle to be mobile in the performance of their everyday family duties.

In addition to these policy’s, the NRP still have the Decriminalization of Cannabis on the table which they will put into immediate effect once the NRP are elected back into government.

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