NRP Train rolls into St. James Parish to Surge with Virge

Charlestown, Nevis (Monday, July 17th, 2017) St. James Parish Candidate for the Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) Mr. Virgil Browne invites residents of Nevis especially the people of St. James Parish to a town Hall meeting on Wednesday, July 19th at the Franklin Browne Community Center from 7 pm.

The candidates of the NRP have been hosting weekly town hall meetings to discuss their way forward and get feedback from participants who give their personal statements and inform the candidates the wants and needs of the community. This is being done by the NRP as they prepare their manifesto and create quality policy making.

In the upcoming town hall meeting, the candidate Virgil Browne will discuss his plans that include: An improved water service, refurbishing of the health centers, a development of a yachting community with storage facility and a jetty for fishermen, expansion of the New Castle Pottery and regular maintenance and cleaning of roads and waterways.

“I want people to come out in their numbers and have dialogue with the candidates so we can carve a good future for the island of Nevis together,” concluded Mr. Browne.

The town hall meeting will be on radio via Freedom FM 106.5, via internet on and on the Official Nevis Reformation Party Face Book page, where statements and questions will be taken as part of the town hall meeting activities.

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