By: Curtis Morton

(Charlestown Nevis)-The Solid Waste Department is now under new management. General Manager Andrew Hendrickson and Rudy Browne, Operations Manager at the Sanitary Landfill located at Long Point are working together along with their hard working staff, to make a difference in the matter of waste disposal on the island.

Both men are experienced truckers and have indicated that if there was ever a problem with one or more of their drivers, they would be willing to assist in that regard.

Browne, who is also experienced in the use of heavy equipment, is also directing the operations at the Landfill, in a ‘hands on’ manner, in ensuring that the site and the vehicles utilized there are properly maintained.

Prior to Earth Day which was celebrated worldwide on Wednesday, April 22, 2015 the men announced an initiative just for that day, when they allowed an AMNESTY on white goods to be transported to the landfill.

White Goods, as they explained is the term used to refer to bulky items which are not regularly picked up during the scheduled weekly pickups coordinated by the NSWMA.

Examples of these are used refrigerators; stoves; washing machines; computers; fans and other large items. Generally, the NSWMA organizes a quarterly collection of such goods at fee ranging from $5.00 to $25.00 per item, depending on their size.

However, on Earth day 2015, the residents of Nevis had the privilege to transport such items to the Landfill without any cost attached.

Browne, however pointed out that some persons, disappointingly broke the rules and mixed garbage and other debris with the bulky items instead of separating them before heading to the site. This he noted would only pose problems for the workers at the landfill who would waste precious time in separating the items.

Hendrickson also used Earth Day as the day to alert the general public of another initiative which will be launched shortly.

It will be a yearlong school clean up competition. All schools on the island will be invited to participate in the project by ‘consistently keeping their grounds and surroundings free of trash and litter and to be a part of any recycling initiatives presently available on the island.’

The project is still being finalized as there are certain partners who have promised to be on board with the initiative, who have to confirm their level of assistance before the official launch is done.

The project will be coordinated through the Education Department and the Joan Robinson memorial fund.

Another proposed initiative from the new management at the NSWMA is that they are currently exploring the possibility of hosting a television program, via NTV channel; 8, which will enhance the effectiveness of the already established radio program, ‘REFUSE NEWS’ which is aired weekly on Choice radio.

Both men are adamant that the more the people in Nevis are educated in regards proper disposal techniques, the more sensitized and caring they will become and Nevis will be a cleaner, healthier and safer place to live.

Another initiative that has been put into effect is the cleaning up of the Sanitary Landfill Site in order to make it more aesthetically appealing. Trees and flowers will be planted at various points of the site in order to beautify the area. Some persons have already volunteered to donate plants to the project.


The two men also paused to empathize with one of their outstanding truck drivers, Donald Newton who recently lost his wife and indicated that the NSWMA main office and landfill site was closed early on the date of her funeral service which was Thursday 23rd April.

They paid special tribute to Newton who they indicated was a dedicated truck driver and one of their finest workers.

They made an appeal to the general public to support them with the new initiatives and are convinced that with everyone working together, the island of Nevis would be a much better place.



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