NSWMA Praises Workers for Hurculean Efforts during Passage of Storms

By:Curtis Morton

Charlestown-Nevis-Manager at the Nevis Solid Waste management Authority (NSWMA), Mr. Andrew Hendrickson, on Wednesday 13th September, made it a point of duty, to personally thank his entire staff, for their herculean efforts, before and after the passage of Hurricanes Irma and Jose.

Speaking on the NSWMA’s radio program, ‘Refuse News,’ which is aired on Wednesday mornings from 10 am on Choice radio 105.3 FM, Hendrickson noted that he was hardly paying any attention to Hurricane Irma, until Saturday 2nd September when he received an urgent mandate from Minister of Health, Hon. Mark Brantley.

The directive was clear: ‘Spare no efforts to ensure that everything is in place ahead of the storm and to deal with cleanup efforts after.’

He said he immediately mobilized his team and much time was spent on that Saturday and the following day, Sunday, to make trenches at the Landfill, in order to ensure that the runoff water did not affect the main disposal area.

Equipment and vehicles were also properly secured and waste material throughout the island was collected ahead of the passage of the storm.

All of the roller bins were also properly secured.

He thanked the general public for only putting out household waste, as the island wide effort to clean up Nevis, was completed ahead of the storm.

He also commended Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Mrs. Nichole Slack-Liburd, for her efforts in mobilizing preventative and corrective measures before and after the passage of the storms.

After the passage of the storm, the crew was out in their numbers and all trucks were utilized, as again the island was cleared of household waste.

He reported no major damage to the Sanitary Landfill at Long point, except for the fact that proceedings were halted for a few days, to allow the disposal area to properly dry out.

With all systems in place, it was easier to prepare for Hurricane Jose, which was much less traumatic.

He noted that his field crew completed two days of work in one day and the office staff also unified in their efforts, in ensuring that everything was in place to enhance the cleanup efforts.

He stated that Mr. Oscar ASTRO Browne was so impressed with the efforts of the crew that he donated two cases of drinks for them.

Hendrickson indicated that he made one critical error during the period when his men were working tirelessly overtime and that was, he should have made arrangements to have them properly fed during the interim.

However, he stated that as a demonstration of his appreciation, he is going to host a party of sorts in their honour on Friday 15th September.

Persons who are so minded to donate anything to the cause, can contact the NSWMA’s office at 1-869-469-1762.

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