NTU initiates new award for members’ children

NIA CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (July 18, 2013) — A student of the Violet O. Jeffers-Nicholls (VOJN) Primary School is the first recipient of a new Nevis Teachers Union (NTU) initiative to award a primary school student who has performed creditably at the annual Test of Standards examinations and who is also a child of a member of the Union.

Ms. Sherquanya Jeffers was presented with a cheque by the Union’s President Mrs. Ermelita Elliot on July 17, 2013 at Nevis Television 8 studio (NTV8).

“Today it is with great pleasure that I am presenting to Ms. Sherquanya Jeffers, a student of the Violet O. Jeffers-Nicholls Primary School, who performed with an average of 83. She is the daughter of one of our teachers, Ms. Latoya Jeffers who works at the Charlestown Secondary School.

“On behalf of the Nevis Teachers Union, it is with great pleasure and pride that we present our first ever award, an award of $500 to Sherquanya Jeffers. Congratulations Sherquanya,” Elliott said.

In response, the awardee who was also the 2013 valedictorian for the VOJN Primary School, said she was proud to be the first recipient of the award and hoped to make the Union proud of her achievements in the future as she hoped to follow in the career path of her mother to one day be a teacher.

The scholarship is not the first award to students. The Union is also engaged in annually awarding top performing Primary and Secondary School students.

“The Nevis Teachers Union has over the years presented an award to students in our secondary schools, the James T. Neal Award, the name of our first president. We have also presented awards to students in the primary schools, the students who perform the best in Test of Standards,” Mrs. Elliott said.

Photo caption: (L-R) Ms. Latoya Jeffers stands next to her daughter Ms. Sherquanya Jeffers, a student of the Voilet O. Nicholls-Jeffers Primary School as she is presented with a scholarship cheque by President of the Nevis Teachers Union Mrs. Ermelita Elliot at the studio of Nevis Television 8 on July 17, 2013

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