By:Curtis Morton

Charlestown-Nevis-It is the brain child of Mr. Huey Sargeant, the Director of the Nevis Newscast (NNC) and Nevis television which is aired on weekdays and sometimes on weekends, on channel 8.

A ceremony which was ably chaired by Miss Fredericia Liburd, was held on the evening of Thursday 27th October, to effectively launch the digital platform which is the innovative movement of the NTV staff to reach a wider world wide audience on a daily basis with news and information as it happens and more specifically, as it pertains to Nevis and the wider federation of St.Kitts and Nevis.

Mr. Sargeant in his brief remarks noted that, to put it simply, it means that his NTV team will now be able to broadcast via the internet.

He stated that over the last ten years, the world wide web had become a critical part of the lives of everyone and in particular the audience of NTV and so his staff was  forced to change to accommodate them and so programs have been so packaged in more recent times.

It was also noted that some person do not have cable connections and numberless persons have IP or internet protocol boxes which give them access to hundreds of channels worldwide.

He pointed to the innovation as revolutionary.

‘We want Nevisians anywhere on the globe to know that Nevis is only two clicks away, he stated.

He also paid tribute to his hard working staff for ensuring that they provide world class productions but singled out Kerry Williams; Remegio Powell and Judith Dasent, for their excellent work.

He opined that the Nevis newscast is the best looking newscast in the region with a motto: ‘Get it done.’

He further recognized the work of TBN trained staffers who started the process which eventually led to what has now evolved to be NTV.

He also saluted the efforts of the late Government Minister Hon. Malcolm Guishard, who had a similar vision of making NTV something really special.

He ended by using the catchy phrase: ‘Remember if you don’t see and I don’ see –NNC!’


Mr. Craig David of the IT department, which has assisted the NNC staff in the forward thrust, gave an overview of how the IP Television works.

He pointed out that it is delivery of television content, using signals based on a logical internet protocol.

It is actually comes in three forms:

  • Live
  • Time shifted
  • Video on demand

NTV will be using the live IP television.

The local networks like FLOW and Caribbean cable will provide the delivery network through which the content is delivered and the user would only need a smart TV or an internet enabled set top box, in order to access the content.

John James, who is a Kittitian residing in Toronto, Canada, represented the company partnering with NTV in its new endeavour, known as AGILE Junction Technologies. He explained that the various platforms that will be available for person to view NTV on line are as follows:

  • Nevis television online
  • Kodi
  • Ruko
  • Android phones
  • Android tablets
  • I-phones
  • I-pad
  • Facebook live

He stated that some are already available but all platforms will be available within one to two months.


Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism, Mr. Carl Williams also delivered brief remarks and commended the Department of Information on keeping its viewership abreast with information in innovative ways and adapting to the needs of the persons in the diaspora and locally as well.

The online viewing of NTV’s content can be accessed at www.nevistvonline.com.

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