Fountain-Nevis-The NUFF TINGS Boys’ club has finally acquired a club house.

The club which is the brain child of Ms. Christiana Smith, was formed just about two and a half years ago and started meeting under tents and at homes within the village.

Ms. Smith started the club, so that she could train young boys to develop into cordial, educated and dedicated men, who will seek to make a positive contribution to the welfare of the Nevisian community.

She is also teaching them to stay away from harmful vices, such as illegal drugs and crime.

She recently indicated that she approached the then Minister responsible for Social Development, on advice from someone, about getting a proper club house for the boys.

Minister Hazel Brandy-Williams, proved a willing ally and mainly through her efforts, along with monies raised by the boys, through their fund raising activities, the nicely painted wall structure was built.

It has a main area; kitchen; bathroom and storeroom and Ms. Smith is confident that as the club continues to raise funds, that one day they will be able to construct an addition, which will be an auditorium, used for hosting big events, such as concerts.

(A music class is already in the works, for the benefit of the boys)

She profusely thanked the Hon. Hazel Brandy –Williams, for helping to make the dream of the boys, a reality, in having their own club house.


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