October 1 Celebrated as World Habitat Day

BASSETERRE, St Kitts, 3 October 2022 – St Kitts-Nevis joins the rest of the world as it celebrates World Habitat Day on October 1.

In an address to the nation, Hon Dr Joyelle Clarke, Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment and Climate Action said globally, there has been an increase in challenges in cities and human settlements, and in particular, an increase in crises like COVID-19, climate and conflicts. As such this year’s World Habitat Day has focused on these challenges.

She stated that these crises have reversed years of progress made in the fight against poverty and the best way forward in tackling urban poverty and inequality will be placed as an urgent priority.

Dr. Clarke said, “Governments play a front-line role in responding to crises and emergencies as well as planning for an inclusive, resilient, and green future. To prepare urban areas for future catastrophes, we need to start with our cities. Thus, action and implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals are more important than ever.”

Dr. Clarke’s address comes just as the Urban Development Unit, for which she is responsible, launched its week of activities on Sunday 2nd October, to bring awareness to its objectives as well as to commit to ensuring that all citizens have access to equal opportunities, basic services, not subjected to discrimination as well as to fully respect the rights of migrants.

Other commitments include promoting measures that support a cleaner St. Kitts and Nevis, and strengthening the resilience in cities so as to reduce the risk and the impact of disasters.

In the address, Dr. Clarke said it is also important to improve connectivity and support innovative and green initiatives all while promoting safe, accessible and green public spaces.

The UN-Habitat, a division of the United Nations, recognizes the 1st Monday in October as World Habitat Day. This year, it is under the theme, “Mind the Gap. Leave No One and Place Behind”

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