OECS Seeks to Implement Standardised Building Code

Consultations currently underway in Member States

Wednesday, March 22, 2017 — The OECS Commission has embarked on a major initiative aimed at establishing a significantly improved and harmonised building code for the OECS sub-region. The building code initiative is part of iLand Resilience – The Commission’s Climate Change Adaptation and Sustainable Land Management Project funded by the European Union.

Saint Lucian Environmental Engineer, Ms. Alison King, and her team are conducting this phase of the programme which is fundamental to the adoption and implementation of the actual building code.

“The purpose of the my current assignment is to provide technical assistance towards the implementation of the Building Code to facilitate the safe and economical design and construction of buildings,” Ms. King said.

According to Ms. King, the present phase includes:

Reviewing existing (Regional, International) development control systems and their administrative provisions and practices for implementing national building codes,
Assessing their adequacy for implementing national building codes within Member State of the OECS,
Presenting an in-depth analysis of at least three realistic administrative options, along with their associated cost implications,
Making “best practice” recommendations for each participating OECS Member State for implementing the revised OECS building Codes based on national circumstances,
Revising and adapting the administrative provisions of the Building Code (Section 1 – Administration of the Code) for each Member state based on a preferred “best practice”,
Proposing relevant amendments to national regulations to facilitate implementation of the preferred “best practice”,
Developing an action plan and associated cost to facilitate implementation,
Designing a public awareness and communication strategy to support implementation.

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