Officials Seek To Maintain Professionalism Through Dress Code Policy

Officials Seek To Maintain Professionalism Through Dress Code Policy
(EMU) – St. Kitts, : Heads of Departments and Officers of the Ministry of Education recently reviewed a Dress Code Policy which was drafted by a Committee.

The meeting, chaired by Permanent Secretary, Mrs. Ionie Liburd-Willett, was the Monthly Planning Meeting for the Ministry of Education. The decision to implement a Dress Code Policy for the Ministry was taken to aid personal development of individuals as well as raise the Ministry’s profile generally.

The document is a combination of thoughts by members of the Committee and stakeholders they consulted. It states, “The Ministry of Education considers the way employees dress and their general appearance to be of significant importance in portraying a corporate professional image to all stakeholders, whether parents, students, visitors or colleagues.”

The Dress Code Policy is expected to be implemented within the next few months and will definitely be implemented at the beginning of the new school term by which time persons in the field of Education would have been fully apprised of what is required of them.

Also mentioned in the three page document are the fact that all employees would be required to adhere to the principles of the Dress Code Policy, as well as the recourse or procedure for persons who do not comply.

Some sub-headings of the policy include: Professional Attire, Appropriate Casual Business Attire, Unacceptable Clothing, Footwear, Tattoos, Jewellery and Piercing, Hair, Facial Covers, Protective Clothing, Food Handlers and Enforcement.

The Ministry will review the policy one year after ratification and every three years thereafter.

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