Officials Stand-Off Forces Suspension Of Tournament

By Curtis Morton

President of the Nevis Football Association, Mr. Rohan Isles confirmed on Wednesday that the ongoing local Football league has been indefinitely suspended.

The league at the time was interestingly poised as it headed into the final four stage featuring: Youths of The Future; Hard Times; Pioneers and SL Horsfords Highlights.

According to Isles, there has been a standoff between the local referees and his Association and as soon as the matter is resolved the information as regards the continuation of the league will be released.

The controversy centers around one of the players for the team known as Youths of the Future who is reported to have been disrespectful to one of the officials.

The matter was reported to the Association and President Isles indicated that based on the offence he recommended a four match suspension. However, the player appealed the decision and the intention was to have the meeting on Friday 6th April but with the Youths playing a match on the Thursday night prior-5th of April he recommended that the player be allowed to play that match in the interim, until the hearing and decision making were completed.

The referees however indicated that they would not officiate in any match in which the particular player was involved.

President Isles noted that his Association had received a stipulated time to use the ET Willet Park for the tournament as Nevis is set to host a few matches in the upcoming Leeward Islands cricket competition. But with the sudden halt in the matches the president figured that the deadline would not be met in completing all of the remaining matches and so he suspended the tournament until the appeal could be heard and decision on the furtherance of the tournament be made.

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