Only 4 Days left to the $15,000 Giveaway from Digicel

Digicel Press Release

Basseterre, St. Kitts (June 27, 2014) – With only days to go until the “Sharing the CASHBACK Love” draw, excitement is building for this unique CASHBACK giveaway. Digicel Marketing Manager Marsha Chatterjee said, “The exciting thing about this CASHBACK draw is that yes, there will be a lucky winner of $10,000, which is a huge prize; More importantly, that winner will have the chance to reward those other people in their circle of family, friends or loved ones that they also want to see rewarded. Our SKNHAPPY campaign was a great way to celebrate the true joy of the people here in St Kitts & Nevis. By “Sharing the CASHBACK Love”, now that joy can be shared even further by the winner with 5 others who deserve to be happy too.”

Digicel CEO, Johnny Ingle added, “The Digicel Family is very important to us & we understand that value is very important to them. Our focus is, was & will continue to be rewarding the Digicel Family as often as possible, in the best way possible. What better way to achieve that than by giving the same opportunity to the winner, who in turn can select 5 winners themselves? Ask yourself this question: Who would you share the CASHBACK love with? I can’t wait for July 1st to see! It really will be an extraordinary start to the month of July for 6 lucky Digicel customers.”

To qualify, top up your Digicel phone with $25 or more or pay your Digicel bill in full by midnight, Monday June 30th & you could be the lucky winner of $10,000 that also gets to choose 5 other winners of $1,000 each. The nominees must be active Digicel customers.

Chatterjee concluded, “Log on to and like us on Facebook to see regular CASHBACK updates & all of the lucky winners to date; This promotion gives Digicel the opportunity to really reward you, our customers, just for keeping it Digicel. It will give our Team great pleasure to see not only the Grand Prize winner but to see who the 5 winners they select will be. Looking forward to sharing the CASHBACK love live at our Digicel Store in The Circus, Basseterre, at 1pm on Tuesday July 1st !”

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