Orange house is currently leading the point standings at the Vern ‘N’ Llew Preschool.

This after the exciting road runs held on Friday 4th March.

The parents showed up in their numbers and there were shrieks and screams as their children headed towards them in the various races.

The parents also had their moment in the sun.

The participation level was high this year. After all, Teacher Collins had advertised discounted fees for the top three placers.

There was also a teachers’ race to climax the day.

The final results were as follows:

Class 3 girls

Janiah Mc Neil

Taijah Brookes

Je Zaria Gajor

Class 3 boys

Zuri Wade

Joshua Pemberton

Zyjon Richardson

Class 2 girls

Anizure Bartlette

Kerranique Skeete

Adaijah D. Roberts

NB no class 2 boys

Class 1 girls

Arya Liburd

Zoria Chapman

Je’Nya Manners

Class 1 boys

Natal cozier

Roniel Bartley

Carlos Connor

Final scores:

Orange House 81 points

Green house 64 points

Yellow house 55 pints

Vern N Llew raod run-two copy 2

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