Othneil Parris Daley Gets Great Send Off

Charlestown-Nevis-He started his career in the public service in Nevis, on January 17th 1975, as a Janitor at the Charlestown Secondary school.

Having come through the unfortunate circumstances of having lost his mom, as part of the Christena Disaster of 1970, he and his siblings had to endure a difficult life.

Othniel Parris Daley, however, was an ambitious young man and with the assistance of former Principal at the Charlestown Secondary School, Mrs. Rosalie Andre, who secured for him his first job, he committed to making his life a meaningful one.

He served long and hard at the Charlestown Secondary school and his commitment and dedication to his duties, were unsurpassed.

He worked as a Janitor under the guidance of no fewer than 10 Headmasters!

Eventually, the ambitious young man decided to move on and secured employment within the Ministry of Social Development, where he continued his stewardship as a dedicated Community Development Officer in the Charlestown area.

This year, after 43 years within the civil service, Daley decided to call it quits and small wonder that many accolades were showered on him a ceremony held on at the Jessups Community Center, on Wednesday 14th March.

The ceremony was coordinated by Director of the Community Development Department, Mrs. Janet Meloney and her staff and included preliminary items such as prayer by Rev. Bonnie Byron; scripture readings by Community Development officer, Malva Rawlins and chairperson of the proceedings, Mr. Chesley FARO Davis.

Davis, in his brief opening remarks, indicated that his heart was full, due to the fact that Daley was being given his ‘flowers,’ while he was yet alive.

Also addressing the gathering, were former Principal at the Charlestown Secondary school and one of Daley’s many former bosses, who spoke to his positive work ethics and dedication. He opined that some of the credit given to him as a successful headmaster, were really due to Mr. Daley.

Another former headmaster at CSS, Hon. Joseph Parry, spoke to Daley’s will to not only survive but to excel, even as he came out of the tragic loss of his mom, during the Christena tragedy.

He noted that he was an outstanding and dependable worker and one who took his work very seriously.

‘You have made your path; you have made your mark. Continue to do so,’ he advised Daley.

Community Development officer, Mrs. Greta Jeffers then presented Mrs. Daley with a bouquet of flowers and in thanking the Department for the kind gesture, Mrs. Daley noted that she has only had her husband for 15 of his 43 working years but stated emphatically that he was a hardworking man.

Director of the Community Development Department, Mrs. Janet Meloney, spoke fondly of her work experience with Mr. Daley and his consistent: “Mrs. Meloney, can I have a word with you please?’

She also spoke highly of his work ethics and honesty.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Social Development, Mr. Keith Glasgow, also spoke in glowing terms as to work ethics of Mr. Daley.

He noted that he was a peace maker and a very busy man.

Community Development Officer, Mrs. Lydia Claxton, then read a profile of Mr. Daley and noted that when she went to the Secondary school as a child, Mr. Daley was the Janitor there and when she returned as a teacher, he was still there.

Mr. Daley in his response, thanked all responsible for the kind gesture and noted that although he is retired, he will continue to do whatever he can to impact the community in a positive way.

He also noted that he will be spending much of his time in Evangelism, as a Minister of the Gospel at the Charlestown Methodist Church.

Also included in the program were songs by a representative class from the Charlestown Primary school and Mr. Devon Cornelius.


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