Nevis Public Library’s 33rd Annual Summer Camp.

Earlier this week on August 17th, our officers at the Charlestown Police Station led the first of two information sessions on Road Safety at the Nevis Public Library’s 33rd Annual Summer Camp.

This year’s camp was held under the theme “Our Country, Our People, Our Future” with the sub-theme, “Life Enrichment through Skills.”

Corporal Shauna Pemberton and Constable Etroy Jeffers spoke to the youngsters and taught them different road safety methods such as the correct way to use a pedestrian crossing, and the proper way to wear a seatbelt in a vehicle.

The officers also taught the children about the correct safety gear for bicycle riding and the requisite fines for breaking these laws.

The children and our officers were all elated and thoroughly enjoyed the interactive session.

It’s always a pleasure to be a part of our youths’ upbringing. We’re looking forward to the second session coming up on August 21st, 2023.

We Grow. We Change. We Improve.

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