PAM Leader set to sign historic “Charlestown Accord”

Leader of the People’s Action Movement the Hon. Shawn K. Richards is set , on behalf of his almost 50 year old Party, to sign in Wednesday morning’s historic “Charlestown Accord”. The event will see the three leaders of three of the federation’s major parties the CCM Concerned Citizens Movement, the PLP People’s Labour Party and the PAM People’s Action Movement sign a document which will outline Team UNITY’s commitment to the people of Nevis. Hon. Dr. Timothy Harris will sign the historic accord as Leader of the Alliance as well as the People’s Labour Party. Premier Vance Amory will sign on behalf of his CCM which is currently the ruling party in the Nevis Island Assembly. MP Hon. Shawn Richards will sign on behalf of the People’s Action Movement .

The Accord is the formalization of a number of commitments made by Team UNITY to the people of Nevis. Some of these commitments were outlined in Parliament last week during the presentation by Team UNITY Leader Hon. Dr. Timothy Harris.
It will be the FIRST time that any such accord has been signed between political entities in St.Kitts and Nevis on behalf of the peoples of both islands prior to an election.

The People’s Action Movement ran the federal government along with the NRP Nevis Reformation Party during 1980-1995. The PAM/NRP administration resulted in many pioneering developments and significant growth on both islands , particularly in Nevis where the administration facilitated the development of infrastructure on the island during the early to mid 80’s. The People’s Action Movement’s first political victory was a seat in Nevis. The relationship between PAM and Nevis is long, storied, historic and fruitful.

The historic signing of “The Charlestown Accord” will take place at the Ministry of Finance conference room, Charlestown, Nevis. The entire Nation is invited to be a part of this unprecedented event. The historic event will be carried live on NTV , VON Radio , Sugar City FM and WINN FM tomorrow Wednesday at 9am.

All are also invited to join the PAM and PLP leaders at the ferry terminal for 7:45am as they journey over to Nevis at 8am on the MV Mark Twain.

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