Party’s caucus to determine leader

By Monique Washington

The decision as to who will lead the Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) into the next Nevis Island election due by January 2018, will come down to the party’s caucus which will be held on Sunday, March 26, 2017.

Nevispages has confirmed with the leader of the CCM for the last 30 years, Hon. Vance Amory that he will be stepping down as leader. A new leader will be elected. According to a party member a number of persons have been nominated for positions within the party. These positions will be ratified at the caucus.

The nominations as they stand are current Deputy Premier, Hon. Mark Brantley as leader, Hon. Alexis Jeffers as Deputy leader, Hon Hazel Brandy-Williams as Chairperson, Mr. Keith Scarborough as Deputy Chairperson, Mr. Oscar Walters as Treasurer, Ms. Lorna Hunkins as Secretary and Mr. Timothy Caines as PRO.

According to a party official, “It is a nomination.  It has to go to caucus and at caucus we will then vote on it. A meeting of the political party where each constituency has a designated number of persons from the cell groups that come together and make decisions of this nature”.

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