Charlestown-Nevis- “ God you have to help me with this. My grand –son is not going to die!” Those were the passionate words of Ms Agnes Nisbett of Ramsbury, as she prayed to God for assistance for her grand-son.

Ms Nisbett was accompanied by Mrs. Lea Parris of the Pink Lily Cancer Care Association in making a plea for help to the general public for monetary assistance to save the life of her three year old grandson, Madakai Nisbett.

Little Madakai is the son of her daughter Melissa Nisbett and Clyde Griffin. Ms Nisbett indicated that in May of this year, the normally lively little boy was not feeling well and was taken to the doctor and later to the Alexandra hospital where he spent just over two weeks but the family received no confirmed diagnosis as to his problem.

Previously, the mother had assumed that the slightly swollen tummy, was as a result of ‘gas.’

Ms Nisbett, after not receiving the diagnosis contacted relatives in Tortola and decided to take the child there so that he could be examined. She told of the many tests and trials that the family went through in getting the child examined and later he was transferred to Puerto Rico where the family again went through many tribulations in order to get the child checked out properly. Before they went to Puerto Rico, she was turned down by many hospitals due to the fact that they did not have insurance.

However, one Doctor in particular proved very helpful and he made arrangements for the child to be examined and a proper diagnosis was made and he received treatment which amounted to a cost of $50,000.00 US. He is now receiving what is referred to as ‘maintenance treatment’ which will also rack up another enormous medical bill.

Mrs. Lea Parris explained that the three year old Madakai has been diagnosed with LUKEMIA, which she noted is cancer in the blood. The good news is though, the disease is curable. She appealed to the general public to give generously to the worthy cause as she noted that no one will truly know when it would be their turn to seek similar help.

She indicated that a special fund has been set up at the financial company known as FINCO and persons can simply go there and specify that they have come to make a donation to the welfare of Madakai Nisbett.

Ms Nisbett noted that she will be returning to Puerto Rico on Sunday and the little boy is due for another treatment on Monday, which Mrs. Parris stated is chemotherapy. Depending on how well he is, he will be flown home shortly after that but will require follow up treatment.

Miss Nisbett will be returning to Puerto Rico with whatever funds she is able to collect in the mean time, towards her grand- son’s medical bills.

She thanks God for his mercies thus far and used the opportunity to thank the general public for their prayers and financial assistance so far.

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