Passport Fees For All British Nationals Overseas To Be Reduced By 35% From 7 April

Governor’s Office

Press Release

GEORGE TOWN, Grand Cayman — New passport fees for expatriate British nationals applying from overseas countries will come into effect on 7 April.

The reduction will benefit over 4 million overseas customers and is a result of the efficiency savings made by bringing the processing and issuing of overseas passports back to the UK.

The new fees are as follows:

Adult 32 page passport will cost £83. Reduced by £45
A child 32 page passport will cost £53. Reduced by £28.50
48 page (Jumbo) passports will cost £91.00. Reduced by £63.50.

Overseas customers will continue to pay a courier charge in addition to the passport fee.

The Governor of the Cayman Islands, Her Excellency Helen Kilpatrick said

“I am delighted that the UK Passport Office has announced these new fees. The significant cost reduction will benefit expatriate British nationals that are resident in the Cayman Islands.”

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