Pastor calls on moms to join “Mom in Prayer” groups

Area Coordinator tells parents to contact “Moms in Prayer” group
Pastor Sandra Flemming area Coordinator of Moms in Prayer International, St. Kitts and Nevis has called on mothers to enlist in the global prayer movement in order to pray for their children and schools.

She said the prayer initiative was started 30 years ago by Fern Nichols from USA. “The founder had two school going children. She was very worried about the boys being exposed to anti-social behaviour and violence. She turned to God for a solution. God instructed her to pray with another mum who had similar concerns.”

“Later on, she moved to Canada where she continued to engage other women to join her to pray for children and schools. Presently Moms in Prayer fellowships have been introduced in 140 countries.” In the Caribbean, the countries that have launched the prayer movement are the Bahamas, St. Martaan , Barbados, Jamaica, St Croix and Guyana.

In October,Flemming said, members of the Moms in Prayer International will gather in Dallas, Texas to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the movement. She called on mothers in St. Kitts and Nevis to enlist to pray.

She said a praying group exists in Nevis. She is making efforts to launch a Moms in Prayer fellowship in St. Kitts. Pastor Flemming said various individual have been instrumental in the establishment of the Moms in Prayer in Nevis. She singled out Rose Gumbs and said Gumbs had also started Mom in Prayer groups in Guyana.

“We want parents to call us or write to us and share their children’s specific needs,” Pastor Flemming said.

For further information contact:Pastor Sandra Flemming 7636589 , Janet Maynard 7630502 or Rose Gumbs 7659325

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