Patricia ‘Pat’ Reid –Waugh Launches Book on Retirement Issues

By:Curtis Morton
Charlestown-Nevis- Thursday 25th May was a big day in the life of Ms. Patricia ‘PAT” Reid –Waugh. On the evening of that day, Ms. Waugh launched her first book entitled ‘Retirement-a new adventure.’ The book was published in December 2016.

The ceremony was held at the St. Paul’s Anglican conference room and commenced with a rendition by Mr. Lanny Dore and prayer by Parish Priest, father Christopher Archibald.

The proceedings were ably chaired by former Educator, Mrs. Jennifer Hodge, who in her opening remarks, noted that PAT was born in Jamaica and had a achieved a master’s degree in Accounting and had taught for some time, before settling into a career in the financial services.
She relocated to Nevis in 2004 and headed the Financial Services and Regulatory department, until her retirement in 2011.
She noted that outside of work, she loves playing the piano and organ and is currently learning to play the violin.
She is also a writer of poetry and short stories and would have won literary competitions in Jamaica.
She gave some insights as to the new book and stated that it speaks to simple ways of a achieving a meaningful life; volunteering; mentorship and spending savings in a cost effective manner.
In short, it speaks to how a person can make his/her retirement years, the best years of his/her life.

The book also enlightens the readers about ways in which they can follow their dreams and provides inspirational advice as to how to enjoy life to the fullest, which involves interesting physical and leisure activities and creative pursuits.
Also adding his voice to the proceedings, was Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Social Development, Mr. Keith Glasgow, who gave a brief overview as to the benefits and drawbacks of retirement.

He noted that when one retires, one would lose out on certain privileges and would have to reestablish their ‘turf’ in creative ways.
‘Past achievements quickly wear thin as part of self-esteem, ‘he stated.

Miss D. Michelle Liburd, Asst Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Social Development, spoke in glowing terms of her former co-worker, Ms. Reid and stated that there were ‘heavy hearts and many shed tears,’ when she decided to call it quits.
She also stated that PAT taught them that behind every successful business, is a great accountant.

Mrs. Nichole Lawrence, then spoke on behalf of the St. Paul’s vestry and also lauded PAT for her varied skills, which included her work as a no nonsense choir director at the church.
‘My husband and I were hoping that she would find a man on Nevis, when she retired, so that she would stay here,’ she said, much to the amusement of the appreciative audience.

Also speaking at the ceremony, was former chief Librarian, Mrs. Lornette Hanley, who spoke to her involvement with PAT over the years and the tremendous impact she would have made on the Nevisian society.
Former Educator and Banker, Mr. Hansel Manners, followed in the same vein and alluded to the fact that he had many plans for his retirement but many of them are still on the back burner.

The lady of the hour, Ms. Waugh, then had her say and she referred to Nevis as her second home and thanked all who had helped to make her stay on the island such a memorable one.
She also gave an overview as to the idea and development process of writing the book.
She then presented copies of her book to Chief Librarian on Nevis, Miss Anastasia Parris and to Mr. Keith Glasgow, for the Ministry of Social Development.
The remainder of the evening was spent with the many well-wishers, congratulating the author; purchasing books and getting them autographed.

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