By: Curtis Morton

Charlestown-Nevis–Permanent Secretary in the Premier’s Ministry, Mr. Wakeley Daniel, was the featured speaker at the Nevis Academy annual Independence concert.

The concert which was held at the school’s grounds on Friday 18th September, was well attended by family members of the children and friends of the school.

Mr. Daniel focused his message which was mainly geared to the children on the theme: ‘United in building a stronger nation.’

He utilized the narrative of a King who was dying and called his two beloved sons to his bedside. He also asked his chief advisor to fetch two sticks and asked each son to break a stick which they did quite easily. He then told the advisor to bind the sticks together and neither of the sons could get them broken.

The King then told them that when they are united, they would stave off all foes but when they are divided, they would be defeated easily. So said, so done. The two sons, when eventually placed in leadership positions discovered that what their father had taught them was true.

Mr. Daniel admonished the children and those present to remain united in building stronger schools; stronger communities and ultimately a stronger nation.

The proceedings were capably chaired by Miss Julet Chiverton, Administrative and Human Resource Manager at the Nevis Cooperative Credit Union.

. In her brief opening remarks, she opined: “In order to get a stronger nation, our children need a good education….and they are getting that here at the Nevis Academy.’

After the invocation; scripture reading and national anthem, the children at the school, featured in the main items on the program. These included:

Welcome poem by Michael Maynard

Poem by Persia Woodley-‘Now we stand’

Kindergarten-song-Our flag

Poem by Grade two-‘St.Kitts and Nevis 32’

Song by grades three and four-‘Nevis Lovely Nevis’

Poem by Odecia Edwards-‘my country’

Poem by grade five-“From past to present’

Poem by grade one-‘Independence’

Drumming by students under the guidance of Ras Binghi Parris

Grades five and six also delivered a dynamic dance to the song by King Konris: ‘Take the oath’

The school’s choir rendered the song ‘This land is my land’

The vote of thanks was done by Vidal Persaud and Headmistress Mrs. Lucia Wilkinson greeted all present and led in the independence cheers.

Interspersed between the items, chairperson Chiverton quizzed her audience on the national symbols and it was interesting to see some of the parents googling for the answers.

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