Phantom Firebug Strikes Again

Gingerland-Nevis-The peace and quiet of the evening of Monday 28th January, was shattered by the blaring sounds of sirens, as the fire truck raced to Matchman’s Village, in Gingerland.

The Fire fighters were forced to deal with yet another blaze in the general area and this time, it was an unoccupied house, previously inhabited by Ms. Olivia Clarke and family.

The firemen successfully doused the blaze, but the fire had already caused irreparable damage to the structure.

Another unoccupied house nearby, was saved, as a fire which was seen on the interior of the building, was put out, before it could spread.

Within the last two years or so, a number of unoccupied/abandoned houses in the general area of Matchman’s, have been destroyed mysteriously by fire.

The houses burnt so far, include properties previously owned or occupied by Inez Morton; George Hanley; SKIPPER; Finey Saddler; James Brookes; ‘Dr. G’ Chapman and David Butler.

As the Police continue their investigation, a suspect is yet to be identified.

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