Photo Gallery: CSS Sports A Success- Green House Prevail

Top Performers:
Tamarley Wilkinson 1st in  broke record under 14 males 1200m, (previous Alexander Caines. He also won the 800 and 400m, and came 2nd in 100 and 200.
Sasha Paris won under 14 females 100,200, and 400m.
Tiniesha Perkins won under 20 females 100, 200 and 400m.
Jashelle Weeks won under 18 girls 100, 200 and 400m.
Alexander Caine’s broke record in under 16 males 800 ( previously himself) and 1200m (previously Trabelse Henry).
Leroy Chapman broke the under 20 males 400 (previously Izaun Ward) and 200m (previously Miles Walters) records. He also came 2nd for 100m.
Kamarley Newton broke the under 16 boys 400 (previously D’Atryel Stanley) and 200 (previously Marcus Duberry) records. He also won the 100.
T’Anna Liburd broke the under 16 girls 200m (previously Tineisha Perkins) and 400m (previously Renika Daniel) records. She also won the 100 and 800m.
Timoth Caines broke the 800m ( previously T’Jah Liburd and 1500 (previously Austin Bart) records. He also won the 200 and 400m.
Records were also broken by green house in the 4*100m under 14 and under 16 males.

Finals scores : Blue-270, Red-287, Gold-348, Green-410


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