Charlestown –Nevis-Founder of the Pink Lily Cancer Care Foundation and fourth stage cancer diagnosed patient, Mrs. Lea Parris –Cambridge, showed no signs of her current dilemma, as she was bubbling with joy and life, during an interview on Monday 17th October.

Mrs. Cambridge recently returned from England where she has been receiving treatment for her ailment and was happy to point out that with her drastically changed diet, which includes a total exclusion of meat and meat kinds and a bountiful supply of fruits and vegetables, that there has been a drastic improvement in her condition.

She stated that her doctors discovered that the lesion in her liver has shrunk from 4.3 centimeters to 2.5 centimeters and there has been no enlargement in those located in her bowels and spine. Her previously enlarged tummy has also been drastically reduced and she stated that she is feeling and looking more like ‘her old self again.’

She has now returned to Nevis and will immediately get involved in a campaign which she has dubbed: ‘Changing the face of Cancer.’ She noted that by working together, we can make a difference.

Her campaign will target schools, churches, community groups and as a matter of fact, anyone who is willing to listen to her message of dealing with cancer; for those who have already been affected and preventative aspects, for those who have not yet been affected.

The plan is pretty straight forward.  The focus will be on the following:

  1. Faith in God. She noted that even though she has been affected by the dreaded disease, she has not just ‘cursed God and died.’ Instead her faith in God has grown stronger and she is confident that it is he who has kept her thus far. Her message therefore is clear: ‘God is in the midst to guide us, comfort us, strengthen us, protect us and bring us peace.’
  2. Eating good nutritious foods. She stated that these must include an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables which will serve to create an environment in which cancer cannot thrive and grow, but instead strengthen our immune system and help to nourish and heal our bodies.
  3. She stated that her rigorous exercise program, has helped her tremendously in surviving the cancer scare thus far. She stated that exercise can promote good health and wellbeing before, during and after illness. Exercise helps the body to relax, reduces stress, and promotes good mental health and rehabilitation.
  4. Promote good health. This aspect of the campaign involves the sharing of relevant information, education and research which will increase the understanding of cancer and help to remove the fear about how cancer can be detected and prevented in an effort to heal and save many more precious lives.
  5. Her ultimate dream and goal of building The Pink Lily Cancer Support and Care Retreat on Nevis. This will be a facility where cancer patients and family members can find refuge and recourse during that critical stage of their lives and Mrs. Cambridge is soliciting the help of businesses and individuals to donate to the worthy cause.

‘One-one full basket,’ she stated. ‘Every penny will count.’

Mrs. Cambridge was set to commence her campaign with a lecture at the Shiloh Baptist church this week.

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