A stunning performance by the Pioneers Football team, on Sunday night last, would be the talking point for several more weeks, as they edged out the more highly touted Youths of the Future team, to seize hold of the coveted Legends cup.

The fairy tale journey of the Pioneers team, commenced when they soundly whipped the Highlights Int team, in the semifinals.

However, the general feeling on the ground, was that on the big night, the Youths, who have been dominating the regular league, would be the team to beat.

The fact that at the end of regulation time, the score was nil-all, was therefore regarded as a plus for the Pioneers team.

The first fifteen minutes of extra time, seemed uneventful as well, with both teams, failing to complete clear chances and then it happened.

Referee Virgo was already having a close look at his watch and the sound of the whistle was imminent, when out of a slight bungle in the Youths defensive make up, one of the Pioneers strikers pounced on a loose ball and tipped it home, leaving goalie SHANGO flat- footed.

The fact that he eventually received a yellow card, due to the removal of his shirt, during the wild celebrations that followed, was a minor matter to the team. Significantly, they were leading by a crucial 1 goal to nil.

In the second fifteen minutes of overtime allotted, the Youths of the Future reacted like a set of hurt Pilot whales.

They bombarded the Pioneers goal, time after time and between another series of missed opportunities and the excellent negotiating skills of custodian PAS, they failed to convert.

When the final whistle was sounded, the Pioneers team and their fan base erupted into jubilant celebrations.

Final score 1 goal to nil, in favour of Pioneers.

Pioneers are indeed the Legends cup champions for 2018.


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