By: Curtis Morton

Charlestown-Nevis-Miss Nikieta Liburd, chairperson of the Miss Gingerette committee, in a recent interview, indicated that plans are well on the way for the 2016 edition of GINGERAMA.

This festival, which was revived under the auspices of the Department of Community Development and Director Janet Meloney, reaped huge success last year after it was reinstated in December.

On that occasion, little Miss Shante (accent on the e) Hendrickson, won in convincing fashion over the other five contestants, the Miss Gingerette show, which features girls in the age range of 8 to 11.

The little brave princess indicated that it took a lot of effort and energy from her and there were times when she was not getting to learn her parts well, that she cried and felt like giving up.

There were mornings when she had to awake early to practice and it was cold and dark and she was afraid.

However, on that eventful night, everything came together and she was the most outstanding girl on stage and won the approval of the judges and the adoring audience. ‘It felt good,’ she said.

Miss Liburd indicated that plans for this year’s show are going well. Three girls have already signed up and she expects to get at least three others shortly.

The girls must be from the Gingerland area and be between the ages of 8 and 11.

The competition will involve the following categories:

None judged segment-ice breaker-name and theme

Ginger culture-focus on a person or a place in Gingerland

Talent-anything-dance, drama or the like.

Princess wear-getting all dressed up-no back outs, no strapless; no lot of make-up etc.

Additionally plans are also already afoot for the Miss Gingerama show.

Last year, there was a swim suit contest which was won by Miss Tareka Browne but this year, based on feedback and suggestions, the organizing committee has opted for a full-fledged pageant.

The categories involved in the contest will include:

Speech; talent and evening wear

The competing ladies must be aged between 18 and 30 years.

Two persons have signed up already and the committee is hoping to get at least three more contestants.There are no restrictions on whether or not, the contestants have children and the age group can extend to persons under 18, once they are already out of school.

According to Miss Liburd, plans are being made this early, because last year, due to a much later start, there was lot of rush involved in trying to get everything in place.

She used the opportunity to appeal to prospective participants and sponsors, to get on board and to be a part of what she promises will be an even bigger and better event than last year.

The Gingerama committee includes but is not limited to the following members:

Eric Evelyn –Chairperson; Mrs. Sandra Browne-Coordinator; Jasmine Herbert; Veronica Brandy; Naomi Walwyn; Kimone Moving; Trevoy Liburd and Ralph Liburd.

Persons interested in assisting with or participating in the festival, can contact any committee member but Miss Liburd can be contacted at telephone numbers: 665-8487 or 762-5721.

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