Plaque Unveiled In Tribute to Arthur

By:Curtis Morton

Leeds –England-Sunday 27th August was a significant one in the life of Mr. Arthur France M.B.E. The man who is credited as the key founder of the Leeds carnival, which is in its 50th year, received a fitting surprise.

A brief ceremony was held at the grounds of his renowned home of costume making-CARNIVAL HOUSE.

The ceremony was chaired by Mr. Keith DIS and DAT Scarborough who pointed out that the tribute to Mr. France was not only fitting but timely.

‘From one MBE to another, I congratulate you heartily,’ he said.

His remarks were preceded by a sterling rendition of the national anthem, by Mrs. Deslyn Williams -Johnson, ably accompanied by the Sugar Hill String band.

Premier Vance Amory and Mrs. Amory, were then called upon to unveil a plaque in honour of Mr. France who graciously accepted, by thanking Premier Amory and the Nevisian delegation for their thoughtfulness and also thanked his trusted team who have been with him through the years.

Presentations of bouquets were also made to Mrs. Amory and Mrs. France and string band member Ray Phillip was also presented with a gift, as a birthday gift, having celebrated his birthday the previous day.

The birthday song was also rendered by the string band for him and Arthur France, who will be celebrating in September.

The ceremony concluded with the Sugar Hill string band entertaining the enthusiastic audience.

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