PM phone call with Barack Obama

Prime Minister David Cameron spoke with the United States President about Syria, Afghanistan, Northern Ireland and a US review of intelligence programmes.
A Downing Street spokesperson said:

The Prime Minister spoke to the President of the United States this afternoon. Their discussion covered Syria, Afghanistan, Northern Ireland and the United States’ review of intelligence programmes.

On Syria, the Prime Minister and the President welcomed that progress was being made on the destruction of the Assad regime’s chemical weapons stockpile and noted the important international contributions being made to this effort, including by the United Kingdom and the United States. Ahead of Geneva II, they discussed the importance of finding a political solution to the conflict.

On Afghanistan, the two leaders covered the ongoing discussions on the bilateral security agreement, the trilateral process and the forthcoming Afghan Presidential election.

On Northern Ireland, the Prime Minister and President acknowledged Richard Haas’ very considerable efforts over recent months to encourage all sides in Northern Ireland to reach agreement on a range of difficult issues. Responsibility for finding a way forward continues to lie with political leaders in Northern Ireland, and the UK and US governments will continue to support and encourage this process.

Finally, the President updated the Prime Minister on the U.S. signals intelligence review ahead of setting out tomorrow his Administration’s response to the review. The two leaders welcomed the unique intelligence sharing relationship between their two countries.


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