Police Press Release 04032015

Firearm and Ammunition Discovered and Seized

Members of the Delta Squad were on their routine mobile patrol on Tuesday 3 March 2015 about 6:15 pm when they spotted an ATV travelling towards Cayon direction with an operator and a pillion rider passed them travelling in the opposite direction. Having careful observation of the individuals, the officers became suspicious and they pursue them, and caught up with them in the vicinity of the Cayon Community Centre.

The officers stopped the ATV and informed the operator and the pillion rider of their suspicion and conducted a search on their person. One (1) 9mm loaded pistol was found on the person of the pillion rider. The operator, the pillion rider, firearm, ammunition, and ATV were all taken into police custody.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Mr. Stafford Liburd takes this opportunity to commend the Delta Squad, and in particular the officers who were involved in this mission for their keen observation skills which resulted in the discovery and seizure of the firearm and ammunition, and the arrest of the individuals.

Joint Operation Lead To Marijuana Seizure and Arrests

Police Officers of Delta Squad, Division “B”, Police K9 Unit, and ROSS University School Of Veterinary Medicine, Security Division, K9 Unit, on Tuesday 3 March 2015 about 8:00 pm executed search warrants on two (2) premises in St. Paul Village which resulted in the discovery and seizure of a large quantity of marijuana in one home and a mask and a pair of gloves suspected to be used in criminal activities were discovered in the other home and and seized. Occupants of the homes were taken into police custody to assist in the investigation.


District “A” Magistrate’s Court

Gavinya Daniel of Cayon was convicted for the offence of Possession of a Firearm and Possession of fifteen (15) rounds of Ammunition which were committed 14 November 201, and was sentenced to two (2) years and nine (9) months in prison for both offences, which are to run concurrently. However, His Honour Mr Benjamin, the trial magistrate, was sentencing Gavinya Daniel to three (3) years in prison, he subtracted three (3) months from the sentence for time spent on remand.

This case is one in which the police officers involved in the case and the force as a whole came in for high praise from His Honour Mr. Benjamin. The circumstances are that the police officers were on their way to conduct duty at a location when they got into Cayon they saw the Gavinya Daniel riding a pedal cycle. Upon seeing the police vehicle Gavinya Daniel body language aroused the officers suspicion and the Sergeant present instructed the driver to stop the vehicle and some of the officers approached Gavinya daniel and told him of their suspicion. A search was carried out on the person of Gavinya by one of the constables, but, he found nothing.

The Sergeant observed very keen the body language of Gavinya Daniel and went to search him further. During this search the Sergeant pushed his hand in the pant crutch of Gavinya Daniel and found a firearm with matching rounds of ammunition. Gavinya daniel and the firearm and ammunition were taken into police custody.

Damian Scott of Stapleton Village and Eustace Hodge of Upper Monkey Hill were convicted for the offence of Disorderly Conduct By Fighting which was committed on 24 March 2014 at Stapleton Village, and they were cautioned.

Cleon Doyling of Challengers was convicted for the offence of Exposing His Person In A Public Place which was committed on 13 December 2014, and fined $500.00 which is to be paid in six (6) weeks, or in default will serve two (2) months in prison.

Michael Richards of New Road was convicted for the offences of Malicious Damage and Larceny which were committed between 3rd and 4th December 2014, and sentenced to fifteen (15) months in prison for each offence, which are to run concurrently.

Livingston Carey of St.Paul Village was convicted for the offence of Escaping Lawful Custody which was committed 2 January 2015 at Fort Street, and fined $2000.00 which is to be paid in two (2) months, or, in default will serve eight (8) months in prison.


The police at Stapleton Police are investigating a report of a stolen motor scooter which occurred on Tuesday 3 March 2015 sometime between 6:30 am and 1:30 pm from a home at New Road.

Initial investigation revealed that Leonardo Powell of New Road left his yellow and black motor scooter PA 844 on his premises and went to work and on his return the scooter was missing.

Anyone who has any information pertaining to the whereabouts of the motor scooter is ask to contact the Stapleton Police station at 465-2418, the nearest police station, or, Crime Stoppers at 1-800-8477 (TIPS). remember, you do not have to provide your personal information, and you maybe eligible to receive a reward.

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