Portia Simpson Miller Subpoenaed

Caribbean News Service (CNS).

KINGSTON, Jamaica, May 31 2016 – A high court judge has issued a subpoena for opposition leader Portia Simpson Miller in relation to the long-running Trafigura matter.

Additional subpoenas have also been issued for People’s National Party (PNP) members Robert Pickersgill, Phillip Paulwell, Colin Campbell and Norton Hinds.

Justice Lennox Campbell ordered the subpoenas issued this morning following a request from Director of Public Prosecutions, Paula Llewellyn, whose office is the designated authority in mutual legal assistance matters.

The subpoenas are expected to be issued by Thursday and all five will be required to be in court on Monday.

Dutch Authorities want to question officials of the People’s National Party about a $31-million donation by Dutch company Trafigura Beheer to the party in 2006.
It is illegal for Dutch companies to donate to political parties.

At the time of the donation, Trafigura had an oil-lifting contract with the then PNP administration.

The designated central authority is posing the questions to the PNP officials on behalf of the Dutch authorities under Jamaica’s mutual legal assistance treaty with The Netherlands. (Jamaica Gleaner)

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