Nevisians were really excited when they learnt that Kieran Powell had finally been included into the SKN Patriots team versus the Barbados Tridents on Wednesday night.

Even though they had lost most of the matches played, Powell had not yet been given a run.

So it was a nice feeling to see the Nevisian star batsman on the field of play.

However, that joy was short lived, as in attempting a catch on the long on boundary; he collided in horrific fashion with his team mate, Jon-Jon Smuts, who was also attempting to take the same catch.

Both men fell to the ground and remained motionless for some time, as team mates and medical personnel rushed to their assistance.

Smuts was more fortunate, in that he eventually got to his feet and was well enough to open the batting for the Patriots, but Powell on the other hand, suffered a concussion and was taken to the hospital for immediate checks.

It is reported that he later returned to the grounds but was under medical observation and took no further part in the match.

It is hoped that he will make a full recovery for the next match.

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