Premier Amory Treading Cautiously On Marijuana Issue

By:Curtis Morton

Charlestown-Nevis-Premier Vance Amory made a public pronouncement of his views on the heated debate of legalizing/decriminalizing MARIJUANA.

The Premier who is also the Minister of Finance in the Nevis Island Administration, was speaking at the 10th annual consultation on the economy, which was held at NEPAC on Thursday 22nd September.

Premier Amory made his remarks while giving an indication as to his administration’s proposal for the way forward into the upcoming financial year.

He stated:

“The evidence is there that the engaging in the smoking of marijuana, that this could have significant negative effects on the psychology or the psychosis of the individuals.

Now this may not have made me popular with those who may want to see the legalization/decriminalization of marijuana, but I do not worry about that.

I have one experience which I can share with you just to emphasize why I feel the way I feel.

I was at university, that’s a lot of years ago and one night I heard as it were the cry of a banshee, screaming down the campus. It was one of our students who was known to involved in the habit of smoking marijuana and he had clearly lost control of his senses and disturbed us from studying that night

Can this be the same in every case? Maybe not but I just want us to think very carefully about this request that is being put forward by some segments of our society.”

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