President Updates on Local Cricket Situation

President of the Nevis Cricket Association, Keith Scarborough took time out on Tuesday 16th April to update the media as regards the situation with Cricket on Nevis.

He noted that there have been a few hiccups in completing the 35 overs 1st division fixtures, mainly due to rain and the second division fixtures which have been affected also by rain and other issues.
He indicated that his Association has backed off from its original statement that rained out matches will not be replayed and will replay rained out matches and matches affected by an unavailability of umpires , as in the case of some matches scheduled in the second division.

He pointed out that his Association has taken into consideration the fact that not enough cricket has been played because of the factors previously outlined and noted that the cricketers in both divisions need the opportunity to play cricket. He was however, quick to indicate that if the rescheduled matches are further affected for any reason whatsoever, they will not be replayed as the two day fixtures are scheduled for May and will have to completed in a timely manner in preparation for the upcoming LICA tournament.

He used the opportunity to appeal to individuals and corporate bodies to come forward and assist the local cricket Association with well needed sponsorship funds. He noted that sponsors have been reluctant to come on board not only because of the current economic crisis but also because they are not too impressed with the state of cricket as it currently stands. Money is urgently needed in order to finance the upcoming LICA tournament as the NCA will host teams and will also be required to travel during the tournament.

He stated that his Association is committed to creating a turnaround in the fortunes of Nevis cricket but appealed for assistance from all and sundry to make this a reality. ‘Everybody has to be on board,’ he stated.

He also revealed that his Association is embarking on an ambitious plan to improve the ET Willet Park and plans are being finalized with the Minister of Sports and the Ministry of Sports along with the management of the Four Seasons Resort to implement a landscaping and drainage upgrade of the entire Park. The ambitious proposal involves the complete closure of the Park from the end of August to the end of November while such landscaping and drainage upgrades are completed with the assistance of the Four Seasons Resort. This will only help to enhance the aesthetics of the Park for first class matches and also help to improve the level of play as the players will be more assured to make better efforts in the field on a lush green outfield.

He also pointed to some of the upcoming events with which his Association will be involved in the not too distant future:
• Berridge Howell championship to be revived between St.Kitts and Nevis with original sponsor TDC-sometime between May and June
• Special match (a fundraiser) in honour of the late Runako Morton-hopefully involving West Indies players and if not possible will be played between St.Kitts and Nevis teams
• West Indies under 19 tournament scheduled for St.Kitts and Nevis in July. Nevis is set to host some 3 to 5 of the matches
• LICA tournament scheduled for May

He used the opportunity to again appeal to all persons concerned about Nevis cricket to come on board and assist in any way possible so that Nevis can again return to its winning ways of previous years.

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