Primary School Football Teams Get Good Work Out Ahead of Upcoming Tournament

It was not highly publicized but parents and well-wishers of the Joycelyn Liburd Primary School (JLPS) and the Elizabeth Pemberton Primary School (EPPS), along with some other curious spectators, were given a rare treat on Sunday 25th September, with two intriguing Football matches at the ET Willet Park.

The two school teams are preparing for the upcoming Primary Schools’ Football tournament, slated for mid-October and according to Curtis Morton Jr, who is Coach of the Queen City Girls football team, he coordinated with the coaches at the two schools to organize the two games.

He said the games basically gave the girls an outing to assess their level of development and it also served to give the boys from the two schools, an opportunity to prepare for their upcoming tournament.

In game one, which was a real crowd pleaser, the EPPS team drew with the Queen City Girls’ team 2 goals-all and in game two, the Queen City Girls trounced the JLPS team 3 goals to nil.

Coach Adelvin Phillip of the EPPS indicated that after one week of serious training, he was really pleased with the way his team performed.

According to Coach Morton, the fans were so excited, that this may well become a regular feature of Sunday afternoon activities, for the next few weeks.

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