Prime Minister Dr. The Honourable Timothy Harris Attends Regional Summit with Heads of State to Discuss Vulnerabilities Related To Climate Change

By: SKNIS, Press Release

Martinique, West Indies, May 09, 2015 (SKNIS): Prime Minister Dr. the Honourable Timothy Harris is meeting with regional heads of state at a climate change Summit being held in Martinique.

The event is being chaired by Mr. Francois Hollande, President of the French Republic. Accompanying the Prime Minister are Minister of Public Infrastructure, post urban development and transport Ian “Patches” Liburd and Attorney General Vincent Byron.

The aim of the summit is to bring together the island states of the Caribbean, including the French Departments in the Americas. These territories are particularly vulnerable to climate change and sea level rise, which place their sustainable development at serious risk. There are historic and socio economic factors that have led to increasing greenhouse gas concentrations. Caribbean small island developing states are among the most highly exposed to the risks of climate change.

‘The Caribbean contributes a mere 0.3 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, it bears the brunt of impacts related to climate change. The populations of territories in the region are already forced to adapt to the consequences on their daily lives, change their behaviours and rethink their traditions to deal with it”, according to the Conference journal.

Dr. Harris is regional leader around the issue of Climate Change. He understands this issue is one of the critical and pivotal issues of our time. “Our long term survival depends on how we act now. With the fact that tomorrow begins today we are faced with the urgency of now. Now is the time for us to make the necessary policy, economic and behavioural changes needed to ensure our survival.”

Dr Harris continues to say, “We take necessary actions to reverse or at least mitigate rising sea levels, coral bleaching, coastal erosion, ocean acidification and the increased frequency and severity of storms. Climate change is not a local issue it is an international issue.”

The Prime Minister will be meeting today with President Lurel, Presdient of the regional Council of Guadeloupe for a bilateral to discuss the tradewinds, SKN France MOU and Conches issues. Mr. Lurelis former minister of overseas territories and the most senior French government representative in Guadeloupe.

Dr. Harris stated, “I am honoured to be part of this historic conference. Climate change is one of the most important issues of our day. We must do everything in our power to ensure that we coexist peacefully with our environment. We must work together as Caribbean neighbours to impress upon the world that we are interdependent of each other.

Dr. Harris continues to say: “No man is an island, no man stands alone, each man joy is joy to me, each man’s grief is my own. We need one another, so I will defend each man as my brother, each man is my friend.”

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