Prime Minister Drew speaks with Premier Brantley and NRP leader

By Erasmus Williams

BASSETERRE, ST KITTS, AUGUST 11, 2022 – Less than one week after assuming the post of Prime Minister of St. Kitts and Nevis, Hon. Dr. Terrance Drew has had discussions with the political leaders of the governing Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) and the opposition Nevis Reformation Party (NRP).

In an interview with SKNNewsLine Tuesday, Prime Minister Drew said he spoke with Premier Hon Mark Brantley and NRP’s Dr Janice Daniel-Hodge.

“I have communicated with the Premier of Nevis and the Leader of the NRP. I have said to the Premier that the issues with Nevis need to be resolved and I am taking that very seriously. I will sit with the Premier of Nevis and we have to find a way to hammer out the tough issues of CBI revenue, aspects of the Constitution that really need to be dealt with so we can have a better relationship so that these matters don’t raise their head again.”

The Charlestown Accord signed in 2014 between the political leaders of the People’s Labour Party (PLP), the People’s Action Movement (PAM) and the Concerned Citizen’s Movement (CCM) was discussed.

“I know they had the Charlestown Accord but we see people weren’t respecting it saying it is not worth anything so anything we do has to be done in a legislative framework that will have the strength to survive and that is how I think we have to move but I am committed to resolving these issues and where there are inequities or sense of mistreatment or not be given a fair share, we have to deal with those issues so that St. Kitts feels satisfied and Nevis feels satisfied,” said Prime Minister Drew.

Dr Drew said the discussion also touched on the issue of budgetary support to the Nevis Island Administration to ensure the allocations are equitable.

He said he also held talks with the Leader of the Nevis Reformation Party Dr. Janice Daniel-Hodge.

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