Basseterre, St. Kitts, July 28, 2016 (SKNIS): Prime Minister of St. Kitts and Nevis, Dr. the Honourable Timothy Harris, has vowed to defend his tri-partite Government of National Unity that is under two years in office against those who make false and malicious statements intended to harm its reputation.

Speaking to calumniators of his administration, Prime Minister Harris said that his government has been given a clear five year mandate by the people and that this mandate will not be derailed nor dictated to by those intent on undermining the government with calculated plots.

“We will robustly defend the Government against such undermining because it’s calculated,” Prime Minister Harris said. “And yes, we will speak with the desired passion when it comes to promoting and defending this government. We will, and I will as its leader, be passionate and robust in my promotion and my defence of this government.”

“Some will like it and some may not like it; that is left to the political marketplace but when the test of time will come people will judge me for having done what we could do and I would have done it passionately because that is who I am, passionate in nature. I believe in it and once I believe in it, I will give it my all,” Dr. Harris added.

Prime Minister Harris said that some people want to criticize but yet do not want to hear the response to their criticism.

“Every time there is a criticism to which we think is calculated, is unfair, is an effort to destabilize and undermine this government, it will get the most robust response from this leader and it should get the most robust response from every member of the team because you have to nip the dishonesty in its bud and you have to nip it in its root and I will give fullest support to every member who does that on behalf of the team,” he said, while emphasizing that “an attack against one member of the team is an attack against all of us because the chain is as strong as its weakest link.”

Prime Minister Harris said that his government is not above nor against criticism and “we listen and we try to improve our conduct, our behaviour, our performance, but we shall never lose faith in our ability to deliver to the people those things that we have pledged to do.”

He reiterated several times that his government will not “recoil when others are out there pulling and tearing as it were at the government” but that it will respond “with decorum and appropriate behaviour (because) we accept that as a standard for all public officials.”

“My humility, my love for the people, my passion for those things in which I believe—and passion has to be expressed—is an important attribute of (my) leadership,” Prime Minister Harris said.

“I will always be passionate about the people’s business and I am not going to be weary by the propagandists,” he added.

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