By:Curtis Morton

Charlestown-Nevis-‘The Princess and I’ initiative was launched at the Jocelyn Liburd Primary School on Thursday 13th October.

The initiative is the brain child of the Nevis Counsellors Alliance, which is a body of Guidance Counsellors, bent on making a difference within the schools on Nevis.

Leading out at the session on the day, were Miss Tanika Liburd and Mrs. Tameshia Stanley.

They noted that the main purpose of the plan is for the fathers to bond more with their daughters and help to serve as positive guides and influence on their lives.

The fathers and their daughters were initially placed in separate class rooms where they were involved in specific activities.

During a candid discussion with the Fathers, some of the dads present expressed concerns over their girls being asked to participate in school pageants and Culturama troops, as they enunciated the many negatives involved in such participation, such as the type of music involved and the varying vulgar styles of dance utilized.

Later, the daughters were brought to join their Dads and there was an overwhelming show of love as they hugged their fathers and sat beside them.

The Counselors then involved them in certain games, one of which sought to find out how much they knew about each other as they were asked specific questions.

This section of the afternoon’s proceedings evoked much fun and laughter as some of the responses did not correlate with each other.

Headmistress at the school, Miss Barbara Hendrickson, was elated that the initiative was finally launched at her school.

She noted that it was launched at the VOJN Primary school last term and approved of the effort to get fathers and daughters to bond closer with each other.

She was also quick to point out that in all of her years of holding PTA meetings at the school, she had never seen such an impressive showing of fathers on a single afternoon. She also hoped that such participation and involvement by the fathers, will continue at the same highly motivated level in the future

She also thought that it was significant that the initiative was launched at the school, even as it celebrated its 38th year of existence.

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