Progress and Plans for Bath United

Curtis Morton

President of the Bath United Football Club Mr. Garrick Hunkins and Coach Alex Claxton recently spoke to the media about the progress and plans of the club.

They lauded their under 17 team for its outstanding performance in the under 17 tournament recently held in St. Maarten and had special praise for Manager, Jermaine Bartlette for coming through for the team, when they most needed assistance.

Both men also had words of appreciation for the parents of the players who not only assisted in the fund raising events but were always there, looking out for their children.

It was also pointed out that the club has a structure in place which caters to the development of teams in various age categories and emphasis is not only placed on playing Football alone, but students are nurtured in terms of their overall development and growth.

The club intends to continue to provide for year round training and practice and also to provide for opportunities for the teams to play competitively.

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