Public Works Department Evaluating Bids for The Resurfacing of The St. Peter’s Main Road

Basseterre, St. Kitts (SKNIS): Officials from the Public Works Department (PWD) are currently evaluating bids from several companies that responded to the public advertisement for tenders to resurface the St. Peter’s main road and F. T. Williams Highway East.

PWD Director George Gilbert explained that the bids were opened on Thursday, August 03, 2023. Representatives from the bidding companies, as well as officials from the PWD, were present to witness the document’s opening. Details of the bid were shared openly at the meeting with emphasis placed on the estimated cost and completion time by the respective bidding companies.

The scope of work is extensive and includes resurfacing the road beginning at the roundabout by the R. L. Bradshaw International Airport along the F.T. Williams Highway, passing the Shadwell roundabout to New Road and ending at Ogees. Widening the road and installing sidewalks where possible, upgrades to the water drainage system, and appropriate safety features such as installing road studs commonly referred to as cat’s eyes, are also included in the capital project.

Mr. Gilbert said that the evaluation of the bids will take some time as officials undertake a comprehensive review as part of their due diligence in matters requiring public spending.
“The submissions [by the bidding companies] have been very extensive. They submitted large booklets with some 40 plus pages and it will take about four officers to read those books individually and make their own assessment,” said Director Gilbert. “The procurement officer for works will then bring the documents together, review them himself, go through what the PWD officers have done, sit with them [in] a meeting and analyze [the bids] in further detail.”

After this process, a comprehensive report will be done and sent to the Tender Board outlining the details of the bid and the recommendations. Any questions or concerns will be addressed by the procurement officer, who is the Director of the Public Works Department. The members of the board deliberate and may give approval or request additional information before making a final decision.

When the Board gives approval, a meeting is held with the successful bidder to determine if they are still able to meet the commitments outlined in the bid. If the answer is yes, then the company is given the green light to proceed.
The entire process is lengthy and will take some time before upgrade work begins.

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