Rawlins Nature Girls And Maynard Ground Gingerland Soldiers-Winners In Dynamics Sports Club League

The very exciting tournament hosted by the Dynamics Sports Club of Gingerland came to its thrilling conclusion at the Old Manor Hard court on the evening of Saturday 26th October.

The St.George’s Parish League consisted of Netball and 3×3 Basketball matches. There were four teams for the Netball games and five teams for the Basketball. A total of 61 participants were involved.

On Saturday 26th October the tournament concluded with the two final games: One Netball game and the other in Basketball.
In Netball, the Rawlins Nature Girls came up against the Clay Ghaut Combined Purple Gladiators. The final score was a whopping 41 – 12 in favor of Rawlins Nature Girls.

Maynard Ground Gingerland Soldiers
Maynard Ground Gingerland Soldiers

In the Basketball finals, Maynard Ground Gingerland Soldiers engaged Hickman’s. The final score was 21 – 16 in favour of Maynard Ground Gingerland Solders

In a brief closing ceremony chaired by Mrs. Govanie Manners-Hendrickson, the following top teams and players received awards:

Overall Winners for Netball– Rawlins Nature Girls

Overall winners for 3×3 Basketball — Maynard Ground Gingerland Soldiers.

Best overall Shooter
Zelma Liburd with average 78.12% shooting 50 goals from 64 attempts.

Best overall Defender
Sasha Liburd.

Best overall Center player
Randicia Chapman

MVP’s from each team for Netball:

Rawlins (Nature Girls) – Randicia Chapman
Clay Ghaut Combined (Purple Gladiators)- Celia Powell
Hanley’s Road (HR Rebels)-Cherissa Maynard
Zion (Pink Panthers)-Hydia Tyson

MVP’s from each team for 3×3 Basketball:

Maynard Ground Gingerland Soldiers – Norris Williams
Hickman’s – Dio Hendrickson
Rawlins Ball All Day – Tariq Richards
Clay Ghaut Lighting- Darvin Challenger
Zion Ballers- Vicario Hendrickson

The Dynamics Sports Club would like to thank Mr.Jamir Claxton, Hendrickson’s Construction Services. Mr. Alfred “Baba” Tyson, and Digicel for their contributions towards the success of the league; The club also thank the community, teams for their support and the officials.

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