Record Number of Goals Scored at ET Willet Park

History was created at the ET Willet Park, on the evening of Thursday 12th December.

On that night, in the ongoing Football tournament being hosted by the Nevis Football Association, the All Ballaz team, totally annihilated the Villa United team, by a record of 28 goals to nil.

Yes, I know that it sounds more like a Cricket score, but it was indeed 28 to nil!

Scoring for the All Ballaz:
Asheem Taylor 7
Carlos Bertie 7
Delvon Clarke 5
Kevaughn Wallace 3
Shaheed Tyson 2
Jean Pettit 2
Kofi Major 2

Goals were scored from the first minute of the game, right down to the 86th minute.

All Ballaz 2 games 2 wins 6 points
Hardtimes 1 game 1 win 3 points
Youths of the Future 1 game 1 win 3 points
Bath United 2 games 1 win 1 loss 3 points
Pioneers FC 1 game 1 loss 0 points
Stoney Grove Slybo Strikers 1 game 1 loss 0 points
Villa International 2 games 2 losses 0 points

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