Red Cross Swimming Program Going Well

Ned Lestrade, swimming Instructor, who is assisting with the Red Cross Swimming and water safety program, indicated on Wednesday that the children are adapting quickly and are learning the basic skills of swimming.
Apart from theoretical sessions, the students have access to two pools, complements of the Four Seasons Resort Home Owners Association.
He noted that they did very well in the pool and so they were taken to the Oualie Beach on Thursday, so that they could get accustomed to swimming in the sea.
He explained that swimming in sea water is easier, as the young swimmers will be more buoyant, due to the salt in the water.
At Oualie Beach, the children were also taught some basic first aid, more specifically in CPR.
They were then allowed into the water, where they were carefully monitored by the instructors and taught, floating, gliding, paddling and swimming techniques.
One parent, Mrs. Lornette Morton is enthused about the program and is ecstatic to see how her son has progressed over the few days so far.
She is recommending that all parents seize the opportunity to ensure that their chidden learn to swim.

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