Response to Commissioner’s Statements

Police Press Release

The Royal St Christopher and Nevis Police Force wishes to make this statement in response to some unfortunate statements made by the Commissioner of Police, Mr Celvin ‘CG’ Walwyn on March 9, 2015 during an interview on 106.5 Freedom FM ‘Issues’ programme.

It must be pointed out that quite a number of unfortunate statements were made. These have been reduced to a transcript and will be forwarded to the Police Service Commission for their attention and appropriate action. As such, this response will for the most part focus on some of the comments made in relation to Inspector Rosemary Isles-Roberts and her promotions within the Police Force.

The Royal St Christopher and Nevis Police Force wishes to make it unequivocally clear that we are a professional organisation. We are bound by the Constitution and the Laws of the Federation and as such we operate within the four corners of the Law. We do not condone nor practice discrimination or victimization; rather we promote equality for all.

Inspector Rosemary Isles-Roberts joined the Royal St Christopher and Nevis Police Force on October 8,1996 as a Constable, to date she has some eighteen (18) years service. She was promoted from Constable to the rank of Corporal on June 1,2009 and then from Corporal to the rank of Sergeant on August 1,2011 after which she was promote from Sergeant to the rank of Inspector on February 2, 2014. On November 15, 2014 Inspector Rosemary Isles-Roberts was asked to carry the rank of Acting Superintendent.

On November 25, 2014 the Commissioner of Police wrote to the Police Service Commission seeking approval for Inspector Rosemary Isles-Roberts to be promoted and appointed to the rank of Superintendent. Neither the Police Service Commission nor the Governor-General has had the benefit of any recommendation for her; hence she was never promoted nor appointed to Acting Superintendent of Police. On March 5, 2015, Inspector Rosemary Isles-Roberts was asked to wear the appropriate badges of rank for Inspector which is her substantive rank which is the normal procedure in this case.

It must be made unmistakably clear that a Commissioner of Police cannot promote a Police Officer above the rank of Station Sergeant. The procedure to promote an Inspector up to the rank of Superintendent of Police is governed by section 12 of the Police Act, 6 of 2003.

” Any appointment to the Police Force of a person to the rank of Superintendent,
Assistant Superintendent, and Inspector shall be made by the Governor-General,
acting in accordance with the recommendation of the Commission.”

What this means is that if the Commissioner of Police wishes an Inspector to be promoted to Superintendent he or she should make the appropriate recommendation in writing to the Police Service Commission via the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry responsible. If the Police Service Commission is in approval with the recommendation of the Commissioner of Police, the recommendation is then sent on to the Governor-General for his/her approval. The final stage is an appointment in the form of an instrument signed by the Governor-General all of which is reflected on the Civil Service P/8 Form. This appointment may take the form of an acting appointment or it may be be a confirmation.

The statements made by Commissioner of Police CG Walwyn are regrettable and the Royal St Christopher and Nevis wishes to reassure the general public home and abroad that we are a professional organization that promotes equality before the law and fair treatment of the Officers of the rank and file.

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