Restoring Your Faith in Justice And The Democratic Process

By Neville Bartlette

When opposition politicians turn to the courts to create drama and confusion, the elected governments must continue to pass laws and act in the best interests of the nation. In dramatic scenes in the High Court today (Tuesday) that principle has been upheld, the drama and confusion that Timothy and PAM were trying to spread has been thrown out like the garbage.

The Labour Government of St. Kitts-Nevis has always been committed to the proper enactment of laws through the parliamentary procedures laid down in the Constitution. But for the past two years it has been presented with little more than intransigence and attack by opposition politicians and their lawyers.

The Government committed itself to equalizing the Federation’s constituencies years ago and to changing boundaries that would have been 26 years old this year. Think about all that has changed in the intervening years. None of us had cell phones. We had never heard the word internet. There was only one radio station on St. Kitts. And Prime Minister Douglas was not even a Member of Parliament.

We’ve seen huge changes in the past quarter century and it is only right and proper, therefore, that a representative parliamentary democracy, like ours, should update its constituency boundaries as well.

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