Results Of SKNFA Matches Played Friday 3rd – Sunday 5th March 2023 Friday 3rd March 2023

Premier Division at Cayon Playing Field

Match #1

H E Garden Hotspurs VS Security Forces United
(half time score 2 – 0 in favour of Garden Hotspurs)
Final Score 4 – 0 In Favour H E Garden Hot Spurs

Scoring for Garden Hotspurs
Jequayne Mills (Security forces) own goal 28th min
Steve Archibald struck twice 45th & 47th min
Akio Benjamin 90th + 1 min

Yellow cards for Security forces
Justin Soleyn 56th min
Jequayne Mills 63rd min
Dennis Phillip 71st min

Match Officials: Tristley Bassue, Mario Parry, Shakel Campbell & Jermaine Wickham
Referee Assessor: Troy Mills
General Coordinator: Kimberly Tucker – Gumbs

Match # 2

Flow 4g Cayon Rockets Vs Fast Cash Saddlers Utd
(half-time score 1 – 1)
**Match was abandoned in the 81st min. The score was 3 – 2 in favour of Flow 4G Cayon Rockets.

Scoring for Saddlers
Kirae Jarvis 6th min
Dequan Wattley 78th min

Scoring for Cayon
Carlos Bertie hat trick – 45th +5, (pk) 55th & 70th min

Yellow cards
Vince Archibald (Cayon) 50th min
Steve Barnes (Saddlers) 67th min
Dequan Wattley (Saddlers) 73rd min
Melroy Morton (Cayon) 73rd min

Match Officials: Trevester Richards, Jaden Rouse, Kenni Martin & Jody Walters
Referee Assessor: Stewart Rawlins
General Coordinator: Shanwa Broadbelt

Saturday 4th March 2023

Division 1
played at Warner Park

Hardtimes United vs Conaree Fireballs International
(Half-time score 4 – 0 in favour of Conaree Fireballs)
Final Score 5 – 0 in favour of Conaree Fireballs Intl)

Scoring for Conaree Fireballs
Orlando Mitchum 2 goals – 3rd & 14th min
Dwight Huggins 5th min
Kemuel Sharry 27th min
Kasron Brickin 65th min

Yellow cards for Fireballs
Charles Whyte 35th min
Curtis Sargeant 40th min
Naje Berridge 45th min
Harold Wharton 55th min

Yellow cards for Hardtimes
Denrick Liburd 29th min
Shandon Commerce 43rd min

Match Officials: Kareem Benjamin, Joash Walters, Aushi Flemming & Delroy Jeffers

Premier Division
Played at Newtown Playing field

Match # 1

Sol Island Auto Conaree vs Hot Spring Bath United
(Half-time score 0 – 0)
Final Score 2 – 1 In Favour of Hotspring Bath United

Scoring for Conaree
Quanieki Clarke 82nd min

Scoring for Bath Utd
Phillron Lavia struck twice (pk) 77th & 90th + 2 min

Yellow cards
Byron Phillip (Conaree) 23rd & 45th +2 min
Jahmaine Bartlette (Bath) 33rd min
Rendelle Theodule (Conaree) 90th + 4 min

Red Card
Byron Phillip (Conaree) 45th +2 min
(Receiving a 2nd caution during the match )

Match Officials: Reginald Gumbs, Ike Inniss, Yohan Nieuenkirk & David Phipps
Referee Assessor: Malcolm Ramsey
General Coordinator: Kevin Gerald

Match # 2

Rams Village Superstars vs MFCR United Old Road Jets
(half time score 2 – 0 in favour of Old Road )
Final Score 3 – 1 in favour of MFCR United Old Road Jets

Scoring for Village
Samani Williams 90th + 2 min

Scoring for Old Road Jets
Kendale Liburd 8th min
Jardel Isaac 45th min
Kaylon Liburd 54th min

Yellow cards for Village
Raheem Francis 11th min
Hasani Flemming 35th min
Raheem Rogers 50th min
Mozari Hodge 53rd min

Yellow cards for Old Road
Jardel Isaac 35th min
Nejohn Browne 56th min
Kendale Liburd 62nd min
Tiquanny Williams 79th min

Match Officials: Sanchez Bass, Tyra Wilkinson, Jevian Archibald & Eversely Davis
Referee Assessor: Steadroy Douglas
General Coordinator: Cyril Ible

Sunday 5th March 2023

Premier Division
Played at Warner Park

Match # 1

St.Peters vs Jones Group Sandy Point
(half-time score 0 – 0 )
FINAL SCORE 2 – 0 in favour of St. Peters

Scoring for St. Peters
Shevene Boston 66th min
Elanjah Govia 88th min

Yellow cards
Tijauni Isaac (St. Peters) 51st min
Kadeem Govia (Sandy Point) 73rd min

Red Card
Tijauni Isaac (St, Peters) 77th min
(Serious foul play)

Match Officials: Shandor Wilkinson, Delroy Jeffers, Juniequa Matthew & Kareem Benjamin
Referee Assessor: Kenni Martin

Match # 2

S L Horsfords St. Pauls Utd Vs Newtown United
(Half-time score 2 – 1 in favour of Newtown Utd)
Final Score 3 – 2 In Favour of Newtown United

Scoring for St. Pauls
Kalonji Clarke 22nd min
Keithroy Freeman 90th +12 min

Scoring for Newtown Utd
Marvin Mcsheene 35th min
Yohannes Mitcham struck twice 31st & 90th + 22 min

Yellow cards for Newtown
Kimron Browne 5th min
Kejauni David 57th min
Leon Huggins 90th +9min
Dagena Roberts 90th + 15 min

Yellow cards for St. Pauls
Kalonji Clarke 29th min
Keithroy Freeman 61st min
Omar Francis 73rd min

Red card
Kalonji Clarke (St. Pauls) 57th min
(Violent Conduct)

Match Officials: Kimbell Ward, Jaden Rouse, Shakel Campbell & Sanchez Bass
Referee Assessor: Lloyd Rouse
General Coordinator: Theo Clarke

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