Returning Nationals Donate to Seniors

By:Curtis Morton

Newcastle-Nevis—Wednesday 16th December was a significant day in the lives of ten senior citizens on Nevis.

That was the day when the Returning nationals of Nevis, made individual presentation of food hampers to them.

In a brief ceremony held at the Ocean View restaurant located at Newcastle, vice president of the association, Mr. Linell Nolan, in his role as chair person, noted that this was the third annual such occasion that his association has assisted persons within the community.

This time around, the focus was on assisting ten senior citizens.

He further pointed out that his association was making the package deliveries in collaboration with the Seniors’ division of the Social Services Department. Two persons from each of the five parishes on the island, had been carefully selected by the seniors’ division for the assistance this year.

President of the association, Mr. Clement CLEM Ward, took time out to give the gathering a historic overview as to the origin of his grouping. He noted that it all started with the returning nationals from England, who got together and decided to form the group as a means of socializing and this blossomed into help being offered to various age groups of community members, on a needs basis.

Mr. Nolan then pointed out that the association has expanded its arms to include returning nationals from other countries, since then.

Mr. Frank Clarke, Senior Community Outreach officer with the seniors division, indicated that he was responsible for ensuring that the seniors on the island are benefitting from and receiving all of the social programs offered by his department. He stated that his workload entailed:

  • Ensuring that seniors are benefitting from the following programs: Caregivers; hot meals; electricity and water and free bus pass
  • Observe and monitor physical and other difficulties experienced by the seniors
  • Report findings for follow up action as required

He indicated that the idea for the assistance with the hampers, was born out of one of his visits to a couple of seniors, George and Janet Hendrickson, who are not only members of the seniors group but also members of the returning nationals association. They spoke about the possibility of the assistance being provided for some of the seniors and the association was very positive with their response.

He commended the group for its dedication and service to the community throughout the years.

Another association member, Mr. Myron Saunders, also took time out to salute the efforts of Junior  Minister of the Ministry of Social  Development, Hon. Hazel Brandy-Williams in making the donations a reality.

Also present at the ceremony were: Mrs. Kim Singh—Deputy Director at the Social Services Department and other association members: George and Janet Hendrickson; Emma Ward and Omel Nolan.

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